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2015 Ultrapure Water Pharma     Bethesda, MD | June 2-3 2015

Welcome to Ultrapure Water Pharma

Ultrapure Water Pharma | Bethesda, Maryland | 2-3 June

Welcome to UPW Pharma 2015

The U.S. pharmaceutical water production and wastewater treatment market is valued at just under $150 million in 2015.  With pharmaceutical companies looking to reduce expenses on water systems by outsourcing process and wastewater operations, everyone is looking to increase efficiency and streamline their operations. But how is efficiency affected when some continue to debate about whether or not ozone is an added substance? How can operators and suppliers streamline their operations when there is still disagreement about the use of RO units in WFI systems? The industry is burdened with disinformation at both operational and regulatory levels, and everyone’s bottom line will suffer as long as these myths exist.

UPW Pharma 2015 will discuss and correct the misconceptions around high-purity water systems for pharmaceuticals with technical presentations on some of the most up to date procedures and processes from leading scientists and engineers in the field.

2015 Pharma Focus: Debunking Pharmaceutical
Water Treatment Myths

  • Is distillation the only way to ensure WFI quality?
  • Is yearly derouging needed in a water system?
  • Why are Class VI materials required in water systems?
  • Is Ozone an added substance?
  • Does rapid micro testing have a place in quality control?
  • Does the FDA allow filtration in water system distribution?

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world and also one which uses large quantities of ultrapure water. Typical pharmaceutical plants can use between 1,200 and 2,400 gal/hr of water, smaller plants can use 1,000 gal/hr and very large plants can use up to 24,000 gal/hr.

To ensure that you get your share of this water treatment business, you need to be totally up-to-date with the technical and regulatory issues which surround the business. 


4 Reasons Why You Should Attend the 2015 UPW Pharma

1. Connect with thought leaders and process innovators in the pharmaceutical water treatment industry.

2. Discover the latest trends and business opportunities in ultrapure water for pharmaceuticals.

3. Engage and network with delegates from all over the country.

4. Explore regulatory and technical issues that may be affecting your organization. 

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