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Ultrapure Water Pharma     Pharmaceutical Pure WaterBethesda, Maryland | June 2-3 2015

Welcome to Ultrapure Water Pharma

Ultrapure Water Pharma | Bethesda, Maryland | 2-3 June

Debunking Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Myths

The focus of 2015's Ultrapure Water Pharma Conference is Resolving Myths - What "myth" do you question? 

·        Is distillation the only way to ensure WFI quality?

·        Is yearly derouging needed in a pharmaceutical water system?

·        Why are Class VI materials required in pharmaceutical water

·        Is ozone an added substance?

·        Does rapid micro testing have a place in quality control?

·        Can rapid micro testing at a single point be used for water release?

·        Does the FDA allow filtration in water system distribution?

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world and also one which uses large quantities of ultrapure water. Typical pharmaceutical plants can use between 1,200 and 2,400 gal/hr of water, smaller plants can use 1,000 gal/hr and very large plants can use up to 24,000 gal/hr.

To ensure that you get your share of this water treatment business, you need to be totally up-to-date with the technical and regulatory issues which surround the business. This is why you should attend the Ultrapure Water Pharma 2015 Conference.



4 reasons why you should attend the conference

1.  Learn about new industry trends and the opportunities they offer

2.  Meet the speakers and delegates to learn from others active in the pharmaceutical industry

3. Assess the pharmaceutical industry as a new water business opportunity

4. Gain a thorough understanding of  the U.S. Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) interaction with the pharma industry and its impact on water treatment decisions

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